affiliate marketing tools – Tools that Every Marketer Should use


fraudlogixfraud logix

This tool can help you stop click fraud in real-time. You can use it to detect affiliate fraud and prevent it.

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hasoffershas offers

You can use this software for tracking and managing your affiliate program. You get and rapid reporting features and the option of adding unlimited affiliates.

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impactradiusimpact radius

Impact Radius is considered to be a complete platform for tracking purposes. You can use a single set of metrics to analyze deeply your media performance.

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leadidlead id

There is often a complicated relationship between sellers and buyers of leads. With LeadiD, the relationship becomes a much smoother one.

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scrubkitscrub kit

This analytical system is not only robust but also automated. It can help you detect cases of affiliate fraud.

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skimlinksskim links

With Skimlinks, you can make use of the potential of a new revenue source with the help of automated affiliate marketing. Skimlinks allow you to earn from the content of your website in an effortless manner.

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viewbixview bix

Viewbix can help you attach interactive apps to videos so as to engage your visitors and provide calls to action. The apps provided will overlay your YouTube videos with dynamic content.

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viglinkvig link

This tool acts as an automated monetization technology that can be used for forums, bloggers, publishers, apps and social networks. Existing links can be monetized. You can let the tool perform the linking for you.

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