serpstat review – Amazing Growth hacking tool for SEO & PPC

serpstat review – Amazing Growth hacking tool for SEO & PPC

I thought I would never find a tool that could match Ahrefs in backlink analysis — SEMrush in competition analysis and research, and the standards set with these tools.

After using this tool extensively I have come to the realization that this is one hell of an incredible tool. What impressed me the most about Serpstat was its UI and receive a look at a number of your competitors its abilities to track search engine optimization metrics in real time, and audit backlinks. Before signing up, I know Serpstat’s features, but what amazed me was the instrument could do all these things and add value.

I recommend you to register for a free trial for those who haven’t tried Serpstat however.

Here are a few things you must know about the tool, in case you have not heard about Serpstat:

Since then it has evolved into a SEO & PPC evaluation merchandise.

The database of Serpstat has over 100 million keywords, 200 million search suggestions and 180 million advertisements. They grew their database which parallels the database of search engine optimization firms like SEMrush and Moz.

Serpstat provides information for 10 Google areas: the USA. It provides data.

Over 30,000 uss Serpstat online advertising and marketing practitioners PPC and SEO professionals, marketing managers and copywriters.

Now that you have any advice about this item, let us performance under the microscope and place the tool’s features.

This Serpstat review will focus on the following parameters:


Ease of Use


Customer Support

Serpstat: Features

The attributes of Serpstat can be divided into 6 categories:

Website Analysis

Keyword Research

Backlink Analysis

Rank Tracker

Site Audit


Let’s have an in-depth look

Website Evaluation

Analysis has two facets — domain analysis and analysis that is URL.

SEO Research — From here, you can monitor rankings, do a domain name vs domain name comparison, identify leading competitors for your website (done automatically by Serpstat), research top organic webpages on any website, and also get a tree-view of keywords a website ranks for.

PPC Research — you’ll find that this data invaluable Should you rely to drive traffic to your site. When you enter a keyword in the search box, you will have the ability to find data related to key words, competitors for ad examples that key word, and advertisement research. This is where you can analyse your competitors’ PPC strategies, identify gaps and improve upon your own advertising copies and targeting to reach a larger audience.

Batch Analysis — this permits you to compare metrics of around 200 domains. For the example below, I chose 12 domain names to check key metrics like traffic quote, complete key words, new key words, lost key words, etc..

Keywords/Positions — you get a list of keywords and their positions on Google for that URL Once you type the URL in the search box.

Competitors — This reveals competitors entered in the search bar.

Vs URL — This tool permits you to perform a contrast of a URL from your website with 1 or two URLs that are competing, and discover key words of the URLs.

Missing Keywords — Shows you key words for which competitors’ pages rank in top 10, but aren’t present on your URL that is specified.

Serpstat lets you quickly find the keywords your competitors and you are ranking for, in addition to give a boatload of keyword opportunities your competitors are targeting, but you might have overlooked.

Keyword Research on Serpstat Lets You do the following,

PPC Research — ad examples, list of opponents for the keywords that are paid Contains listing of keywords that are paid, and advertisement research reports.

Content Marketing search queries that lists interrogative search tips containing the key word.

SERP Evaluation — Shows you top 100 Google results and paid search.

Serpstat provides you the capacity to analyze your connection profile in addition to your opponents’ backlink profiles.

With the Backlink Analysis of Serpstat, you’ll be able to perform the following:

Backlink Dashboard — The dashboard gives you a concise summary of your website’s referring domains, pages pages so on, and referring pages.

Referring Domains — Here you get to see the domains . You get to see all those domains linking back to your site’s Alexa rank.

New/Lost Backlinks — An attribute, this is where you to get to see backlinks in addition to backlinks to your website. You get to determine if the links are follow/nofollow.

Anchors — anchors are vital to understanding, Though not as significant as they once were. On Serpstat, you can get to look at a list of key words used to link back to your site and an cloud.

Top Pages — This feature lets you find the pages on your own website.

So it is important to keep ahead of the curve by keeping a track of ranking changes for keywords your website is ranking in SERPs for.

History — shows you data on the positions of the domain for the keywords that are chosen.

Competitors — shows you the visitors share for the keywords among domain names that are competing.

Website Audit
Site Audit on Serpstat offers you a thorough analysis of the overall search engine optimization score of your site, highlighting.

Redirects — gives information on whether your website has any corrupt or incorrect redirects and shows you the number of redirects on your website.

Links — lets you see whether your content has any issue with links.

Server Parameters — reveals HTTP/HTTPS issues on your website.

And finally we arrive at Tools which is a part where you can see the history of your queries. You can view and export the lists of reports and key words, upload and check a listing of your key words.

Depending upon your plan, you will have the ability to bring a list of projects. This is where you can get data like site audit, rank monitoring, traffic info, keywords data, etc..

Ease of Use

There’s a little learning curve since Serpstat is loaded with features. If you are a beginner, this is particularly true and this is the search engine optimization platform. You’ll be dazzled by the UI of this tool. Kudos to the team for creating a well-designed interface that’s user-friendly and intuitive.

And if you are migrating from tools like SEMrush, Raven, and Moz to the tool, you are going to take some time. That is exactly what happened with me. I was accustomed to SEMrush’s port I was reluctant to use Serpstat initially.


This is where Serpstat delivers the sucker punch to search engine optimization tools. SEO tools in the market appear to have reached a consensus with regard to pricing. These instruments have earned market standing and share to control a price. But if you you can block from taking them. They include restrictions which keep you, although you could register for trials.

With Serpstat, you will have no issue. A plan is where audit 100 pages in a month and you are permitted to perform 30 searches. The plans that are paid begin from $19/month.

Customer Support

Businesses that are successful have one thing in common. It.

The customer service team of Serpstat provides resources that you may be an expert in using their instrument and is useful. They have a Serpstat Academy which is a free online learning centre, where you are able to find out more about Keyword Research, Competitor SEO and Analysis of levels.

Compared to search veterans like Moz and SEMrush, Serpstat is a tool that is new. It is yet to garner any testimonials on TrustRadius and Capterra. I’ll add one.

After all said and done, an SEO tool’s role must be for backlinks and keywords. The data should help you create content that is better and drive visitors to your site.

You can use it to find chances that are keyword, content ideas, analyze PPC campaigns, and perform competitor research. With plans starting from $19/month, it is among the most affordable search engine optimization tools in the marketplace.

If you are seeking a reliable search engine optimization tool that is easy on your pockets, then you need to give Serpstat a go. Subscribe to their plan and examine the tool.

Local SEO tips

Local SEO tips

Local internet search engine optimization is a strong digital online marketing plan for company owners wanting to sell to local clients, if you are not turning up in local search, you are missing out. Increased Web traffic, brand presence, and a rise in revenue are advantages of investing in SEO. To take control of the local search results page, follow the local SEO monitoring and best practices below. It calls for detecting and assessing phrases and conditions that individuals are now actually typing into the search engines to find local companies like yours. Google uses the text and concealed code on an internet site to comprehend what it’s about.

If you are an area company, you may also put in a geo modifier to a key word to make it place particular. Take the list and input them into Google Keyword Planner to find new keyword thoughts as well as to get the estimated search traffic for all those key words. Google tool may only provide you with advertiser competition, not Search engine optimization competition, but key words with a high ad contest will generally have a competitive SEO score. If you wish to show up in local search, it is crucial that Google understands where your company is located.

The more often your company information is located online, and the more consistent it is, the higher the presence may be in local search. In addition to that, 60 percent of people judge an area company on its overall evaluation stars with 43 percent find 3 out of 5 stars to be the minimum rating before consulting with that company. Size: Before uploading to an internet site, images should be compressed and appropriately sized. Responsive web sites are easier to manage from a Search engine optimization perspective. To construct your site presence, you’ll have to create as many relevant and top quality citations and social profiles as possible.

Always use the very same business name, address, and telephone number. Write distinctive business explanations that summarize your company history, market, products, and solutions. While waiting for the postcard to arrive, you can update the company address, explanation, categories, hours of procedure and map marker. You may also upload images which will be shown in the local search when someone looks for your company. All local enterprises should utilize local business schema.