vimeo Vimeo Music Store

Vimeo is a popular website for hundreds of high quality and free images and videos for commercial use. to the website

conversesamplelibrary converse sample library

Here, you can find an ever expanding collection of audio samples that are recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio. It is a library that is free to use, and all the samples that you import from here are royalty free. to the website

freemusicarchive free music archive

It is an archive of Creative Commons and public domain licensed songs that are managed and curated for optimal use. to the website

pond5 pond5 – music

You can download more than 2000+ music tracks from Pond 5. to the website

bensound bensound

Here you can download both royalty free and creative commons music for free. You will be able to use that in your projects. to the website

flashkit flash kit – loops

Here you get the taste of powerful searching and world-class organization. Easy realtime previews make this the best website to download Sound FX. to the website

pond5 pond5 – sound effects

You can get more than 350 free sound effects easily from Pond5. to the website

looperman looper man

It is one of the best audio resource community where you can get royalty free loop samples Acapellas. to the website

soundscrate sounds crate

It is an excellent resource for the creative people and the filmmakers. to the website

freesoundeffects free sound effects

You can use the contents of this website for free sound effects. to the website

flashkit flashkit – sound fx

If you are looking for powerful searching features and world-class organization along with real-time reviews, you should choose FlashKit. It is one of the most excellent Sound FX download websites on the Internet. to the website

soundbible sound Bible is the website that has thousands of free sound effects and audio files for you. Browse the exclusive library of the site and also pick the sounds that you want. to the website

soundgator sound gator

For free sound effects, you can visit the site. to the website

audioblocks audio blocks

If you are looking for the subscription-based resource for downloading music for stock production, you can get it all at You can get access to loops, sound effects, and stingers. The AudioBlocks subscription lets you download infinite sound clips for a low monthly fee. to the website

mediacollege media college

If you are interested in the audio-visual media, is the free resource site you can trust. There are articles and tutorials for almost anything from website designing to video production. to the website

freesound free sound

Freesound is the collaborative database of licensed sound with creative commons license. It is the ideal place for the sound lovers and musicians. to the website

findsounds find sounds

For finding musical instruments samples and sound effects, you should visit It is a web search engine just like Alta Vista and Google that focuses on sounds more than anything else. It has powerful features and is simple and easy to use. The site is suitable for all ages. to the website

sfxsource SFX source

It is the website where you will get cutting-edge sound samples that are imaginative and curated with deep expertise. These sound files can be used for all levels of production. Both professionals and amateurs can use the sound samples that are available for audio projects. You can use these samples for film, TV, games, and any other new media. to the website

audio editing software

Adobe Audition CC Adobe Audition CC

Do you have a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud? Then probably you have access to this powerful Audition package. It is one of the most versatile packaged and is excellent for audio works. It allows extensive, non-destructive editing, all kinds of effects work, video support, and various levels of multitrack support. to the website

garage band garage band

Right inside your Mac there is a whole set up of music creation studio called GarageBand. It is a complete music library that includes all sorts of music instruments, guitars, presets, and voice presets. There are also virtual session drummers. It presents an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to learn, play, record, and create music to be shared worldwide. Now, it’s easy to create and share music like a pro. to the website

audacity audacity

If you are doing any creative work, you must have this program installed on your system. It is open source software that is free and available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. It will help you to perform the most of what you need to do. It can be called the audio industry warehouse. It is helpful to even those professionals who work with robust packages. Download it now. to the website