Site Explorer – 8 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools



This tool is more frequently updated than SEOMoz and Majestic. Moreover, it gives you stats that are more detailed. It can even show if aged domains are being 301’ed to sites which are not always displayed in SEOMoz.

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This is a popular SEO tool which can give you highly detailed analysis on the links. One of the best features of this site is the index size as well as its ability to convert the index into usable reports.

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Open Site Explorermoz – Open Site Explorer

This tool has become quite popular in recent years. You get access to very handy data and that too for free. You can start your link analysis here easily. All online marketers love this tool which has been powered by SEOMoz.

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This platform specializes in link removal. You get options through which to identify and eliminate bad backlinks to your website. It can help you in disavowing links as well as reconsideration requests.

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linkassistantlink assistant

This tool is a part of the popular SEO Powersuite which is recommended for all SEO purposes. The tool can help you check the backlinks of your site or that of your competitors. You can even manage all of them. You can check for deleted links, new links and import your own links. You can get some excellent reports and statistics as well.

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linkdiagnosislink diagnosis

You get an interface that is easy to use in this tool. However, it is locked to Firefox which makes it annoying. Moreover, you need to install a plugin simply in order to view reports.

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webmeupweb me up

This is the fastest growing and largest index of backlinks apart from Google. Use it to examine the backlinks of your site and manage your backlink profile. You can also perform audits on your links or even steal the secrets of the competition’s backlinks.

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Backlink Monitor 5Backlink Monitor 5

Use this fantastic tool for monitoring your links. The tool has support for tiered structures which means it will automatically make sense of the hierarchy. It also supports page rank checks, index checks, reports, anchor text checks and scheduling among others.

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