TrackingDesk is management platform and a traffic tracking supplied by TrackingDesk, a firm located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The purpose of the program is to assist affiliate marketers, particularly media buyers and advertisers, handle and to monitor their campaigns efficiently, so they are able to get an improved ROI. This software was made to keep everything under control and help your campaign performance to improve with time. TrackingDesk is a cloud established campaign and tracking management applications for affiliates. Regardless if you’re SEM specialist, a PPV marketer or Social Networking Marketer, you’ll see all of the tools that are necessary make every click count and to get the very best possible ROI!

Easy And Quick Set Up.

TrackingDesk offers one month trial period for first time users to allow them use the options that come with the software free for 1 month, before they choose to subscribe. Nonetheless, what is important to have a look is the easy and quick set up that the program offers to the users. There are not any complex measures that before applying this software, you’ve to do. To put it differently, you just sign up, and you’re great to really go. It’s an one click set up procedure that does not need any complicated questions to fill. Your account is incorporated with numerous popular affiliate plans and ad networks when the set up is completed.

TrackingDesk Review Instinctive Effort Set Up.

The purpose of the application is to aid you get the most ROI from your campaigns. The positive thing about it software is the fact that it comes with an instinctive campaign set up, which gives an easier direction on your campaigns. Regardless of how really many campaigns that you’ve, you can handle and monitor your traffic efficiently from the applications dash. In each campaign, you compare each campaign side by side, as well as can discover the target audience for the promotion.

In this manner, you know which campaign is most effective for the promotion. You may also rotate your squeeze pages by various parameters on your campaign. Conversion And traffic Reports. The conversion and traffic reports enable you to evaluate the functionality of your campaign, supplying more in-depth understandings seeing what you’ve to do to improve your campaign. Together with several variations that you could experiment with your campaign, and the instinctive campaign set up, it’s getting more essential for you to be in a position to see what campaign is most effective for the promotion. The reports given by TrackingDesk cover various areas of your campaign, offering the most effective assessment system for all your campaigns. This can be advantageous in the event that you’re doing lots of split testing for the promotion.


The campaign optimization attribute enables you to constantly be in control of every campaign that you run inside the program. You can just tweak the campaign on the fly and see the real time effects of your tweaks when a campaign isn’t doing well. You optimize it in real time, and may easily add or remove different advertising assets that you’ve for the campaign. This can be by far the most effective attribute that’s broadly unavailable in similar applications, making this software unique. Along with various characteristics that are analytic, you can to determine failure or the success of your campaign immediately, by just viewing the routines that are analytics.

Following that, corrections can be made by you promptly before you lose more income on your poor campaigns. Advantages: Our integrated strategy enables you to never have to cope with custom variants and setting up manually postback monitoring or URL parameters. Everything is predefined in the event you would like to put in a custom ad network or internet network and our team works with you. Our cloud established infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Service which gives the most safe and scalable infrastructure accessible on the marketplace and Google Cloud. Extensive documentation updated on a daily basis so that you master your advertising, improve your own skills and are able to learn about trailing.


TrackingDesk is a software which allows you to monitor and manage your campaign traffic. It’s not unsuitable to be utilized by media buyers and affiliate marketers. The application dash permits you to handle your campaigns all, with every one of the in-depth info about it. It’s a solid integration system with advertising systems and various affiliate. The application is an easy task and intuitive to put in place, with conversion reports and in-depth traffic to assist you evaluate your campaign operation. The most effective attribute of this application is the real time campaign optimization choice, allowing you edit and to tweak your campaign in real time, as it is needed by you. This really is only one of the very all-inclusive and simple-to use promotion tools that you may use in the event that you really are an affiliate marketer or a media buyer.

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