web accessibility – 9 tools to Make Your Website Accessible


Accessible PoetryAccessible Poetry – plugin

You can have better accessibility options for your WordPress site. Add excellent Skip links, contrast changes, Font-sizer and custom toolbar to your website.

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For common accessibility issues on your WordPress site, you can use WP Accessibility fixes.

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Accessibility WidgetAccessibility Widget – plugin

this plugin adds a sidebar widget to change the size of the test on the WordPress site. You will also be able to change the color contrast.

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gspeechgspeech – plugin

It is a tool that uses Google power. It lets you listen to any selected text on your website.

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Zoom pluginZoom – plugin

It enables the users to resize the pre-defined areas of the website.

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esaudioplayeres audio player – Plugin

It is a cross-browser, simple, accessible audio player or MP3 player plugin for your website.

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Web Accessibility Testing ToolsWeb Accessibility Testing Tools – browser extensions

It is the web accessibility testing tool that you can have as your browser extension.

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acheckerachecker –  web accessibility checker

With it you will be able to check single HTML pages for conformance with all the accessibility standards. It ensures that everyone can access the content.

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wavewave –  web accessibility checker

With it you can analyze the accessibility to sites.

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