The computer is full of tricks, and your knowledge of these computer tricks would make it easier for you while working with any system. It will also make your job faster and more decent.
So some of these tricks include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Installation: When you want to do any program, always choose custom installation in order to prevent the system from installing annoying toolbars or adwares.
2. Photoshop: In order to use the marquee tool without losing the ability size the marquee while working in Photoshop, simply hold down the spacebar and drag the marquee.
3. Screen Lock: In windows, to lock your screen, just press windows button + L. This plays the trick.
4. Internet address wrapping: As you type an address into your browser, just press CTRL + Enter keys. It will wrap whatever you typed with http://www before it and .com after it.
5. Movie audio: If the audio is not lined up when watching a movie on vlc player, press ‘k’. It will back up the audio.
6. Caps Lock: To determine whether a computer is frozen and not just running slow, simply press the Caps lock key. It is because the Caps Lock works at a hardware level.
7. Using Projectors: In order to quickly set up second monitors or projector, just press Windows button + P and the whole process is made easy.
8. Task Manager: To open the task manager, click CTRL + Shift + Esc keys.
9. Setting up new PC: If you need to set up a new PC, using Ninite would help you save a lot of time.
10. Filling out Form: To move to next input box while filling a form, press the ‘Tab’ button. In order to back up the previous box, just click Shift + Tab keys.
11. Address Bar: For your shortcut to the address bar on your browser, click CTRL + L or F6.