Wireframe tools – 9 best Efficient wireframing tools



Balsamiq Mockups is a mockup builder application that uses a graphical user interface. You can use it to organize prebuilt widgets with the help of a WYSIWYG editor that uses a drag and drop method.

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Visio is better suited to technical diagrams than wireframing. However, if you are already familiar with other apps from Microsoft like Excel and Word, you will already be acquainted with the interface. While it is rather clunky, Visio gives you the option of add-on tools like Swipr which can be used for creating and exporting HTML prototypes.

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iPlotz is a wireframing tool based on Flash. It allows you to create clickable wireframes with the help of components that can be dragged and dropped. One of the main features of this tool is the ability to attach notes and tasks for coders and project managers.

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Just like Axure, Pidoco has a library of various interface elements that can be dragged and dropped. You can also add multiple layers and pages. It is possible to share the prototypes online with other people. There are even functions to allow collaborative discussion and feedback. You can download the Pidoco App for viewing the prototypes on the phone.

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gridpak - Wireframe toolsgridpak

At Gridpak, you get everything that you will expect or need from a grid generator. All you need to do is enter the values for the total number of columns as well as the size of the columns or gutter. The internal columns will be crunched into the container if you have set the maximum width. You will love Gridpak if you enjoy responsive designs as it is capable of generating breakpoints for those CSS media queries.

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responsify - Wireframe toolsresponsify

If you are in search of responsive designs, you will find the web app at Responsify to be very useful indeed. This web app makes use of a demo layout on a screen that has column overlays. As a designer, you will find the app to be very helpful in the visualization of the structure of a layout.

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miniwebtoolGolden Section Calculator

Miniwebtool has created this golden ratio calculator that is quite remarkable. In this online web app, designers can set a pixel value for one or the other part of the golden ratio. The app will automatically calculate the other value for the golden section.

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blocklayerGolden Ratio Calculator

This online ratio calculator can be used for determining the ratio in a more compositional manner. All square blocks shown will represent the fixed ratio in the form of a full composition.

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Wireframe tools – At first glance, this web page can seem to be a very simple one. However, it will be invaluable to designers. This web page contains a highly detailed and comprehensive list of all the physical sizes, aspect ratios and even operating systems of the most popular tablets, monitors and phones in the market. Their popularity even ranks the devices.

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