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Photoshop Action - Color 024Photoshop Action – Color 024

All your digital photographs are precise and crisp. However, sometimes, they lack that nostalgic glow. With this tool, you can adjust the color saturation and can also create rich, bleached photos with high precision and the website

10 Free Retro Style Photo Effect 10 Free Retro Style Photo Effect

It is a gift to the designers by Chris Spooner, who is well known to the designers of all types of giveaways and Photoshop tutorials. This website contains newly selected ten free retro-styles for various Photoshop actions. All the actions that you see here have been inspired by 35mm film and processing techniques. You will be impressed to see lovely gritty options and color treatments the website

InfraRedPhotographyActionInfraRed Photography Action

With this free Photoshop action, you will be able to add the eerie touch of an infrared chill. It will help to create two adjacent layers inside one single layer group. It is the tool that allows you to change the red and blue adjustments in a photograph. It can also improve the the website

brusheezybrusheezy Photoshop Actions

If you download this free action, you will be able to create the look of 2-strip Technicolor film. In the 20s and 30s, the Technicolor film, which has been discussed, exposed black and white film behind the green filter and a red filter. As there is a merging of blue and green channels in different layers, this leads to the 2-strip look without affecting the original the website

3D Isometric Map Mockup3D Isometric Map Mockup

It is a tool for creating or converting a flat vector map into an isomtric 3D map mockup. Here, you will be able to find three different styles of maps: ice, sand, and grass. The action allows the user to use his/her choice of buildings, landscape elements, trees, and the website

Teeth WhiteningTeeth Whitening

In photographs, the teeth of the smiling people do not always comes dazzling white. Depending on the lighting condition, the teeth can either appear yellow or grey. This tool can help to whiten the teeth and thus, the smiles of your loved ones in photographs. So, for a clean polish to all the whites in the photos, you need this the website

photoshop tutorialsphotoshop tutorials – 11 ACTIONS!

This website has a set of total 11 actions that can convert all the images taken during the nighttime into twilight photos. It does this by introducing a unique color cast and lightening the sky. This effect is rendered using layers, and you will be able to adjust the degree of twilight. Reduce the opacity of the layers to be able to convert nighttime photos into twilight photos. It is an excellent and flexible tool for editing the photographs.

to the website

 long shadow effectlong shadow effect

This tool will let you create a long shadow from the test content. However, it will not affect the picture. You can set and change the opacity manually as you the website

Black And WhiteBlack And White effect

If you are planning to give a high-contrast, black and white effect to your photographs, this is the action for it. You can expect a nice grittiness along with heavy grain and over-saturated blacks. If you are creating stylized images, this tool is the website

Photoshop Action - Bright EyesPhotoshop Action – Bright Eyes

This Photoshop action is free and provides an intense look to the extreme close-ups. It can perfect the eyes when taken in the website

HDR ToolsHDR Tools

There are four action sets like normal, HDR Fix Light, clicker, and dark. With these, you will be able to remove the lack of contrast in HDR the website

tutsplustuts plus – 100 Free Lightroom Presets

To be able to automate your workflow and to add creativity to the photo library, you can use the Lightroom Actions. Using the presets you will be able to apply the photo style to multiple images in the catalogs. There are more than 100 of the best presets that you will get on the the website

effects9freePerfect Effects 9 Free

Here, you can get Photoshop effects for free. You can also get Perfect Effects 9 free here at the the website

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