best photoshop plugins – The 23 best Photoshop Extensions



Avocode is the bridge between the developers and designers. It is one of the smartest ways to share and export designs, assets, and collaborate with the team you are working the website


It is a free cloud-based plugin for Photoshop that can convert all the Photoshop layers to CSS3 the website

divine-projectdivine project

It is the PSD to WordPress plugin for Photoshop. It helps to create simple themes for WordPress quickly. For doing that, you do not require any HTML skills. You just need to download and start creating.

to the website


CSS Hat is the plugin for Photoshop that can instantly convert layer styles to CSS3. It will speed-up the workflow of Photoshop. Now, you do not have to spend all your time in the website

pnghatpng hat

PNG Hat is the plugin for Photoshop that can slice and export the PSD documents in individual JPG or PNG formats. Then this plugin goes to upload the exported assets to a server. It provides you with the file preview, link, useful code snippets, and image the website

colormancercolor mancer

It is one of the extensions that are suitable for photographs with a maximum of white in the. This extension will help to balance the white in the photos and make your pictures look the website

cutandslicecut and slice

Cut&Slice Me is one of the advanced extensions with which you can cut and export the assets to some different devices. The photos are in the PNG format and of the desired size. In addition to the computer, you can also export the files to iOS and Android the website

subtlepatternssubtle patterns

If you want to create detailed, cool background patterns for your design projects, this is the plug-in for you. It has a vast database of uploaded patterns. All the subtle patterns will help to choose the required pattern for the design projects you are involved the website


With Velositey by D&K, you will be able to prototype the design of your website within seconds. It is the extension of Photoshop that is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 & the website

guideguideguide guide

For wireframes or tables if you intend to use guides in Photoshop, you need to use this extension. This extension can be used to create rows, column, baselines, and midpoints. For easy access, you can also save frequently used guide the website

adobeadd-onsadobe addons

It is here you will be able to view, access, and share all types of creative files those are saved in Adobe Creative Cloud from any device that is connected to the the website

With the Web Fonts extension of, you will get thousands of fonts in addition to the fonts that are already there in Photoshop. There are already extensive selections of fonts in Photoshop. With the extension of, you can try different web fonts and preview those within the Photoshop the website

psdcleanerpsd cleaner

It is the Photoshop plug-in that allows the user to find easily and fix all the messy layers in the website

TransformEachTransform Each 2.0

Transform Each is the script that allows the users to made the necessary transformation individually with a group of the website

The flat design trend is here. As a result the skeuomorphism websites, which are trying to ride the bandwagon, are having trouble to transform their designs to flat. However, with skeuomorphism they can very easy do the the website

superpngsuper png

For web designing, PNG files are necessary. PNG has transparent features. Thus, it becomes a useful tool in putting design to the web pages. That is the reason the need for proper PNG files is the website

autofxauto fx

Download free Photo Effects Software for 10 free Photoshop Filters & the website


Download the Photoshop icon plugin to be able to enjoy Flaticon. Now, just click on the free vector icons and start the website

SizeMarksSize Marks

Size-Marks-PS is a Photoshop script for making measurement the website

enigma64enigma 64

Enigma is one of the image exporters plug-ins that you can use with Photoshop. It allows you to produce lossless images at up to 80% optimization. It has a simple and easy to use the website

ScreenSnapScreen Snap

Now the designers are able to create perfect screen shots of their work with just a few clicks. Thanks to Screensnap. It is a really fast extension and can generate @2x version. Try it and start taking screenshots faster than ever!to the website

FontAwesomePSFont Awesome PS

At FontAwesomePS, you will be able to free download awesome fonts right inside the the website

WebZapWebZap – Web Dev Photoshop Plugin

WebZap is the web developer panel extension that is exclusively for Adobe Photoshop. It has been designed to streamline the design processes. During the website development processes, these design processes are undertaken by the user interface of the website layout. All is done during the wireframing phases and also in the development phases. It is also possible to preview videos here. WebZap needs Photoshop CS5 or above. It can be used on both Mac and Windows. WebZap is a bonus the website

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