Your website design cannot be complete without the addition of beautiful/attractive icons. These icons play a significant role in your site navigation – some of those buttons, widgets, etc. are made from them.
Do you intend to get beautiful icons for your site? Here are a few sites from which you can get them especially if you are working on a lean budget:

1. MrIcons:

At MrIcons, you get well over 100,000 icons for your project. Access is free, and the site is easily navigable.

2. Smashing magazine:

Smashing Magazine is another great place to get your beautiful icons. They arrange their icons in different formats such as PSD, PNG, and SVG. In some of the icons you would be required to link back to their site. Otherwise, a lot of them are relatively free without any condition attached.

3. Behance:

Behance boasts of designer icons with high aesthetic quality. One problem with this site, though, is that it is a little difficult to navigate. Otherwise, you can get the real quality stuff here.

4. Freepik:

Here you get quality icons all for free. But the only thing you need do in order to download their packs is do attribution to their site. They are one of the best sites to get free, high-quality icons.


5. Flat icon:

Flaticon offers you flat, scalable and available icons. Icons on this site are available in different formats such as PNG and SVG. This site is designed by the same people who run Freepik. Large database of high quality vector icons is available here. Attribution is needed to get their icons. One other good thing about this site is that you can convert icons into fonts for downloads.

6. My blogger tricks:

This site boasts of quality, unique icons as well as templates specially designed for Blogger platform. Sometimes, you get them for free, while, at times, you are required just to join their mailing list in order to get their packages for free.

7. Free Goodies for Designers:

As the name suggests, you get their goodies for free. Available on this site are icons in different formats such as SVG, PSD, and vector icons.

8. Oxygenna:

Oxygenna offers you free but high-quality icons in PSD, PNG and AI formats entirely free of charge for your web design projects.

9. Graphic Burger:

There is no other better way to describe this site than a place for super cute and stunning icons sets. They offer a direct download, multiple icon dimensions as well as multiple file formats.

10. Best PSD Freebies:

Here is a collection of the best PSD icons available on the web. You are given the liberty to download them directly from their site without any difficulty.

11. DeviantArt:

This is a community of different artists, where you are given the opportunity to download free icons from a collection of over 200,000 available ones. Some artists require attribution in order to download their package while some others simply require you become a member of the DeviantArt community before you can enjoy these privileges.

12. Captain Icon:

The icons you find here are in different formats such as PSD, SVG, EPS, PNG, and web fonts. Attribution is required in order to get access to these attractive, free and vector-based icons.

13. Dribbble:

If you are a website designer, you will certainly find Dribbble a delightful place to get resources for your project. You can easily get icons that are not properly tagged here to use for your work.

14. Iconfinder:

Navigation and downloads are quite comfortable here. Available on this site is well over a million free and premium icons readily presented in multiple files formats and sizes. The site also helps contributors and designers earn the royalty on their quality, original works.

15. Designbeep:

If you have to don’t time on your side, you can quickly search Designbeep site for icons from other sites such as Freepik, Behance, etc.

16. Good Stuff No Nonsense:

Do you need quality hand-drawn icons? Then this site is your best bet to get what you need. You do not require any attribution in order to be able to access the graphics

17. Dafont:

Apart from getting free icons here, you can also easily download and install well over 50 icon fonts on your computer.

18. Iconmonstr:

When it comes to the uniqueness of website design, this site is one in a million sites. Its layout is designed with icons instead of pictures making it an absolute beauty. Icons on this site are up to date, and the site is quite easy to navigate. Icons for designing mobile sites as well as desktop websites are all available here.

19. Iconmelon:

This beautifully designed site is one of the best places to search for and add icons directly to your site. But before using their package, be sure to check out their terms of use.

20. GraphicsFuel:

This site gives you access to get beautiful, free and premium icons from across the web. The site is user-friendly and makes things quite easy for you.

21. Icojam:

A single design team designs the free icons available here. If you are searching for beautiful, free icons, then here is the place to visit.

22. PixelsMarket:

This sites helps you maximize your time as they give you link to icons from different sites across the web, including relatively unknown sites.

23. Vecteezy:

Are you in search of the variety of icons? Why not try out Vecteezy? With well over 60 pages dedicated to vector-based icons, this site is the sure place to beat. It is almost impossible for you not to get what you want here.

24. The Noun Project:

The Noun Project is an icon directory of sort. It is designed to make complicated designs easily understandable. It is a site designed for perfect visual scheming. It is surely a website to get your cute and unique icons. The only nag with this site is that it takes a whole lot of time to scroll to the footer.

25. Freebiesbug:

For the latest available free graphics resources, Freebiesbug is the right place to do your search. The site is always updated to meet your need.

26. Fribly:

At Fribly, multiple artists pool their resources together to ensure you get the best. This site is regularly updated to meet your need. Just like all the previously mentioned sites, icons here are free.

27. Zillion Designs:

The plus for this site is its absolute simplicity of navigation. The free icons are arranged according to their appropriate industries. In order to make search easier, icons are divided into subsets. Everything is well organized on the site.

28. Blugraphic:

You easily find different formats for your icons, including PNG, PSD, and vector icons. The only issue here is that searching is limited to the use of tags. However, in order to get weekly updates on new icons, you are required to join their mailing list.

29. Creative Tail:

Creative Tail can curate different icon sets for your use. When in need of free icons for your web project, remember to visit this site.

30. Ego icons:

On Ego Icon, you can get as much as 100 vector-based free icons as well as 1500 premium icons for your design jobs. If, however, you can’t find what you desire, just take a look at their top navigation bar to visit their sister sites for more icons.

31. Dreamstale:

This site offers both free and premium quality icons. For the free icons, all you need to get them is an attribution.

32. All-Free-Download:

On this site, you get to search and direct downloads. Available formats for the icons include PSD, PNG, vector, etc

33. DeliciousIcons:

Icons on this site are professionally designed to be used for print mediums, websites, and software. This site is rated as a royalty-free icon site.

34. CSS Author:

If you need the latest icons, you have to make CSS Author your friend as they present users with a weekly update of the best icons available online.

35. AlienValley:

At Alien Valley, you get the best available icon sets. Besides icons, you also get the variety of graphic assets. In order to have access to these resources, you need to join their mailing list.

36. Icon Shock:

Thousands of free icons are accessible here. This site is known by its tagline ‘Freebies that don’t suck’. And true to their word, they offer you real quality. In case you need icons for commercial purposes, you will be required to pay a one-time fee to get access.

37. DuckFiles:

At Duck flies, you get rewarded with copyright-free icon sets for your commercial or personal projects. You can easily navigate the site using their improved search functionality.

38. Veryicon:

Veryicon boasts of thousands of web icons which are arranged in sets and packs. Their icons are made available in different formats to suit your personal needs.

39. Pixeden:

If you are looking for icons in different formats and sizes, then you need to visit this site. The various sizes of icons range from 16 x 16 to 512 x 512.

40. 1001 Free Downloads:

1001 Free downloads is one of the few sites where you can get flat icons for use. Their designs are quite beautiful and well suited for your projects.

41. OpenIconic:

Icons on this site come in different formats such as raster, vector and font. They provide you with stock free royalty of icons for your projects. Their prices are quite moderate.

42. GraphicsBay:

What makes this site stand out is the level of organization, user-friendliness, direct downloads and beautiful icon sets available for users.

43. SquidInk:

There are over 2000 vector-based colourful, creative and scalable icons here. Moreover, you are also to get 50 icons for use in your commercial and personal projects.

44. Fontello:

There are several icons made available by different creators. Getting access depends on the condition set by the individual authors. It is quite easy for you to pick and click on the icons you love to download as web font.

45. EasyIcon:

EasyIcon has a collection of scalable vector icons in different formats for use on infographics, IOS and web interfaces.

46. Ico Moon App:

Ico Moon App has over 4000 easy-to-use and beautiful custom designed icons in their icon library. These icons are both scalable and flexible vector-based.

47. Endless icons:

You can easily access and download Endless Icons resources in both SVG and PNG formats. Their icons are easy to use, and the site is user-friendly also.

48. IconArchive:

A lot of the icons you find on this site are public domain. However, the icons are well designed and quite useful.

49. Iconic:

This is an open source icon set that has well over 200 marks. You can get these icons in various formats. However, attribution is required before you can download them.

50. FusionPlate:

This site stands out from the others because of its weekly roundups of new, free icons from across the web.

51. Glyphicons:

Glyphicons has a collection of minimalist, monochromatic icons and symbols in PNG format for your easy use. It can be a cool site to get the resources you need for your personal and commercial projects.

52. Entypo:

On Entypo, you get over 400 Picograms. All icons available on the site are free, only that you will need an attribution to be able to access them.

53. DryIcons:

Dryicons has both free and premium icon sets available in multiple sizes and file formats for your use. If you need the icons for commercial use, you pay for either a regular or extended license.

54. Gravual:

This site offers you two sets of icon packs that you can use for your personal or commercial projects. The packs include outdoors and kitchen tools