WP Engine is an extremely handled WordPress hosting platform which will appeal to a variety of companies and bloggers. The firm was set up in 2010 and now provides more than 2000 customers a hosting option. All the customers contain high traffic site businesses and owners. They will have offices in four places in UK and the United States. Being all-in one WordPress hosting option, the firm offers malware scan and firewalls, 1 click restore Evercache technology points, and free resolution in the event that the WordPress install endangered or is hacked. Here’s the comprehensive overview of numerous characteristic business offers.

Essential Characteristics.

WP Engine offers completely managed content delivery network supplied by border servers, Evercache technology, unlimited support, open ended scalability, WordPress backup that is free in the event of endangered server with 1 click copy, automatic WordPress core upgrades, and free hack resolution. WP Engine has robust and innovative characteristics ideal for power users, primary among them is Staging Area enabling programmers and designers to set up new pages, develop plugins, improvement or change themes, and see them real time WITHOUT changing your web site and publishing until gratification. Distinct Bundles. Three bundles are offered by wP Engine, plus custom option was ended by one.

Their very first program is their Private program, which organizations that are little will find to be perfect. The Private Strategy contains unlimited data transfer, 25k visitors per month, 1 WordPress install, and 10GB of storage. Their bundle that is second is their plan that is Professional. The Professional Strategy contains 10 WordPress installs, 100k visitors each month, unlimited data transfer, and 20GB of storage. Their Business plan was created for users with conditions that were more robust. The Business Plan contains unlimited data transfer, 400k visitors per month, 25 WordPress installments, and 30GB of storage. Security. Consolation can be found by security mindful clients in WP Engine as they upgrade their core system day-to-day in order to avoid new risk vectors and actively block thousands of known attacks.

WP Engine can assist restore any information which is lost if WordPress setup is hacked or endangered, and offers free back-ups, free restoration. All strategies of WPEngine come with firewall protection on prevent Malware scan as well as ugly web site visitors. They often scan the code for malicious assaults of web site and then in addition they promise to fix it themselves, when there's anything compromised on server level. This may be an enormous relief for bloggers that aren't exceptionally technology savvy. There's also choice for website owners install a 3rd party SSL certificate to reinforce security or to use WPEngine's own SSL.

wp engine logo About WP Engine

Founded in 2010, WP Engine is comparatively new to the world that is hosting, but in earning a stellar reputation they’ve wasted no time whatsoever. WP Engine when he saw a requirement for specialised WordPress hosting due to the growing popularity of WordPress was started by serial entrepreneur Jason Cohen.

WP Engine is Based in Austin, Texas and now has over 400 workers. The business has won several awards for The Best Place to Work in Austin and consistently gives to community and the WordPress core.


Usually website owners wishing to optimize the speed of their web site need installing one cache plugins optimize the total speed of the internet page and to serve pages quicker. WP Engine's EverCache attribute automatically item caching as well as caches WordPress sites along with database caching.

For customers looking at upwards scalability, WP Engine offers robust chances with complex CDN as well as the skill for committed IP(s). Additionally, they are able to serve numerous visitors per month, but still offer unlimited storage and unlimited storage for their "Premium" strategies. Big customers need to contact WP Engine to get an estimate, though can be guaranteed of their ability to serve an enormous amount of traffic. It has to be noted nevertheless they need additional fee to use CDN for private plan subscribers.

Programmer Tools

A programmer working for rsquo & customer;s sites may get edge of numerous programmer tools provided by WPEngine. Git version control is included by one of those tools. Programmers can edit or write code in git repository and shove the changes in the staging area or live. This attribute various flexibilities that is suppliers to programmers. Default on most of the strategies integrates to WordPress git version control.


Security – WP Engine keeps your website shielded with a great deal of complex security features which other hosts don’t offer.

Quick Loading Times – you get access to their CDN, and Servers are optimised only for WordPress, everything is cached in the server level.

Reliability –  WP Engine’s proprietary front end layer system can manage traffic spikes readily without slowing down down your website.

WordPress Pro Support –  WP Engine's whole support staff is comprised of trained WordPress specialists.

WP Engine is a really popular host which gets fantastic reviews from many customers for superior client support and their credibility.


Disallowed Plugins – WP Engine does not empower specific plugins to be installed by you on your WordPress website, either because they conflict with or duplicate WP Engine’s attributes, or cause a high server load. Including back-up many caching, associated post plugins, among others. It is possible to see the complete list of plugins that are disallowed here.

No Domain Registrations – WP Engine offers only hosting services, not domain registrations. What this means is you’ll have to file your domain names with a different business, which some users might not find comfortable.

Higher Prices – When comparing to shared hosting, WP Engine is not as affordable, but the services they provide are well-worth the investment.

WP Engine is Right for You Personally?

Given that you've read through our whole WP Engine review, you may be wondering whether WP Engine is the right hosting company for you. We're awarding them with the title Greatest Managed WordPress Hosting after reviewing WP Engine services in detail. In the event you're trying to find a totally hassle free hosting company for your own WordPress website, wP Engine is a great choice. For companies and bloggers who would like find a WordPress host that only functions and to avoid wasting time on technical details, WP Engine is not imperfect. Programmers and freelancers will locate that the innovative features of WP Engine will save them time on WordPress development for customers.

And companies that are growing will find a lot of room to scale their hosting up as their traffic increases. In the event you care enough about uptime, its protection, scalability, load time, and your WordPress website, to spend $29 each month on it, subsequently WPEngine should be your hosting company from here forward. It is truly not that complex. People who know WordPress will inform you only how remarkable WPEngine's proprietary platform is while WPEngine's price tag might scare off newbies. Constantly updated with the most recent hardware to increase server functionality, WPEngine boasts a market leading applications level constructed just for WordPress users.

Including their very own caching system to make sure your website is super quick for continuous security tracking, a 1 click staging area, and visitors to ward off hackers. For newbies, finding a website up and installing a WordPress themes and running could not be more easy. For much more advanced people like myself, things such as integration with Git 1 click improvement staging areas, multiple server places, CDN compatibility, as well as a great deal of other niceties cannot be overcome. These characteristics make that monthly cost that is $29 rewarding, compared to what the hosts that are low-cost give you.

Decision - WPEngine Review

WPEngine is a right pick for the majority of sites with regards to WP Hosting. There are a lot of characteristics which has set the standard in the marketplace. The only issue yet is their overage fees that are expensive and users on the web are not happy with their pricing model for this. However, in case your web site gets probably not to see any spike in web traffic often afterward WPEngine and a steady traffic is the pick that is right.

WPEngine review